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"This is Free Form Community Radio"

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The WJKO Story

WJKO was started by Dr, Jack Bishop ethnomusicologist, musician, producer and promoter, as a vessel to promote the music of the many, many musicians he personally knew. The station was well-received and began picking up listeners around the world. In 2016, he opened the platform to any independent musician worldwide that would like to promote their music through airplay. As he received the music he would build a relationship with the artist and share the WJKO philosophy. WJKO has received so much music that it went 24/7 in early March 2016! WJKO continuously conducts an international search for music.

WJKO is different from other stations. It is trying to build a community of like-minded people who all feel a personal
connection with the station. The same philosophy of friendship that started the station still drives it. This is true community radio on the Internet!

WJKO does not buy or get music from depositories. We reach out to each artist individually and ask them to become part of the WJKO family. We then promote their music, promote their events through our social media, advertise for them on our site and include information about them in a monthly interactive newsletter which has readers around the world. WJKO regularly interacts with their artists in many ways and is always just an email away.

WJKO has made a clear committment to the artists and, in return, the artists support the station by listening and sending listeners to enjoy the station,
and not just when their music plays. There is a lot of exeptional music on WJKO. Why not get familiar with the excellent company you keep? Sometimes it requires patience to tune in to the Sound of Independents after being conditioned to consume the corporate feed. Break the Chains and enjoy some of the very best music you've never heard! You'll get hooked!

WJKO needs more listeners and more listeners who listen longer. It is impossible to get the flavor of the station without listening throughout the day when possible. The more listener hours we clock, the better it is for the artists we promote. WJKO plays perfectly on phones and pads, so you can enjoy the music anywhere.

Tune in, spread the word, join the mailing list, get involved. Together we
can make a real difference.

One last word about how WJKO operates: We do not pay royalties into the corporate system which excludes our artists. Rather, we support them with global promotion of their music on a level unheard of in this industry. We only air music that belongs to the musicians with their permission. No one is being coerced and no one's rights are being violated. Artists are under no obligation and can opt-out at any time. We are truly honest with our artists as we would be with any member of our family. We exist to support them. Period! We have no other function.

Please consider becoming a member by joining our mailing list, or sending in your music, (see Terms and Guidelines) but Tune In and tell all your friends. Things are getting exciting!

What Artists are Saying

"Thanks for the awesome support! I am proud to be part of the WJKO Family." - Inusa Dawuda

"It's a little late in the game for the Soul Pimps to finally get some air play, but will take it anyway. Thanks WJKO" - Super Sonic Soul Pimps

"This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!" - J. Marie Playing For Change

"Big thanks to Jack Bishop for this great support!!!" - Mike Buchloh

"Thank you very much for supporting us." - Paolo Pavan

"Thanks again for all the AirPlay you're giving us. It's exciting!" - Robert Gabig The Blues Orphans

"Thanks again for helping us out so much!" - Canvas People

"Thanks from all of us who write and perform, for a home to share our creations." - Grandmother Cornflake

"We are so happy to be a part of WJKO!! - Milo in the Doldrums

"Love the station! A great crazy rad selection of music!" - Jets Can't Land

"I am honored to be a part of a station that promotes independent artists and their music." - Bonnie Barnard

"You are totally amazing! Can't thank you enough for all the airplay, attention and support. WJKO Rocks!" - Stage Republic

"Stoked to be getting spins on WJKO radio!" - Kimo Muraki

"I think you've created such an awesome platform where artists like us can be heard." - The Crushing Violets

Listener Feedback

"This station is great! I'm hearing music I never heard before!"

"Wow! I'm hooked!! This station plays a variety of fabulous independent music. The best I've heard!"

"I love this station. Thanks!"

"Super cool brother"

"I have been listening all day at work. Loving the station."

"I love the eclectic mix of indie genres and artists!"

Dr. Jack Bishop

Jack is a specialist in popular music of the world, Brazilian music and Jazz. A critic of the music industry, he has been a long-time advocate for the advancement of independent music.

Jack likes to get involved. He produces music in a private North Hollywood studio, has designed hundreds of CD/DVD layouts and dozens of websites for independent artists, and continues to do so - especially for the artists of WJKO. If you need some help, Please reach out.

"WJKO is now a TuneIn favorite on my iPad."

"I can't believe the great music I am discovering!"

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