We are thrilled to help promote your music. Please only send original music that is owned by the submitter. This is real radio so explicit lyrics cannot be considered for airplay. We only accept MP3s. Please make sure each music file is encoded to at least 128kb and follows this naming structure: Artist_Name_Title_of_song.mp3. (Be sure to fill out all tags for each file so it doesn't get lost in the vast library of files).

If you have more than one file or an entire album, compress it into an archive file (zip. rar, etc.) then upload the zip file.

Basic Rules and Guidelines

  • Only MP3s (encoded at min. 128kb)
  • Only jpgs, gifs, pngs
  • Files must be properly named
  • No cover songs
  • No explicit language
  • No poor quality recordings

Artists always retain their rights to their music. Artists can remove their music from rotation by simply sending the station an email. Artists give their permission for WJKO Radio to play the artists' music in rotation and in special showcase airings.

Artists agree that no royalties will be paid to artists by WJKO Radio for broadcasting artists' music. It is agreed that artists' compensation will be promotional support.

WJKO radio is not under any obligation to air any submissions.

WJKO Radio is not liable and shall remain harmless for airing any illegally submitted music.